Maintaining regular service of your vehicle is important to keeping a dependable car. However, other signs may call for a mechanic's attention. One of the most common indicators is unusual sound coming from the various parts of the car. When you notice such strange sounds coming from those parts, remember to check the following list of sounds and what they mean.

Squeaky Brakes

Your car brakes are usually subjected to heavy amounts of stress. When you hear the squeaking sound in the car brakes, this would indicate that they need some fixing. When that squeaking sound is heard, remember to check the brake pads or the rotors for possible maintenance. Consider seeking professional help for lubrication or replacement of the brake pads.

Engine Rattling

Rattling noises that originate from the car engine are actually due to pre-detonation, also referred to as premature ignition. The problem is usually caused by several issues, including engine overheating, reduced fuel octane, and poor ignition timing. These problems will then cause a dangerous mixing of fuel and air at the engine cylinder, which will later cause pre-detonation. It is likely to damage several parts such as the valves, connecting rods, and the pistons.

Engine Clicking

When you notice clicking sounds from a car engine, note that oil levels are below par. You can use a dipstick to check the oil levels. Sometimes the problem could be coming from damaged parts in the valve train or excess valve lash.

Knocking Sound Under the Hood

When you hear a knocking sound under the hood, it is essential to call the mechanic for immediate attention. This kind of noise can be contributed by damaged valves, connecting rods, pistons, and other parts.

Engine Squealing

The sound of a squealing engine is because of worn accessory belts in the older vehicles. These belts operate various components like the power steering pump, alternator, and air conditioning compressor. For the new vehicles, the culprit here would be the serpentine belt. A mechanic would be the best person to help replace these belts.

If you continue hearing such strange sounds in your car, contact our friendly representatives to schedule an appointment, or visit our dealership to get diagnosing and servicing by our well-trained service experts today.


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