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Cadillac Tire Service: What You Need to Know

Taking care of your tires doesn't have to be a big project-it only take a little vigilance, as well as regular trips to your local Cadillac tire shop in Frisco, to ensure that your tires stay safe and well-maintained. Take a look at some leading car care tips below!

Understanding the Basics of Tire Care

As we said above, tire care can be very simple, but there are many little things that go into making sure your tires are still working properly. The four main things that drivers should check are:

  • Tread Levels
  • Air Pressure
  • Sidewall Condition
  • Alignment

Tread Levels

Looking first at tread levels, many drivers will notice that as time goes on their car's tires might become "bald" and have less grip when driving, especially through wet or windy roads. This is due to the tread wearing down, which can be unsafe, as your car's tread enables it to grip the road more firmly. If you think your tread might be running too low, simply bring your car into our service center near Stonebriar Creek to have our technicians take a look at the tires.

Air Pressure

Cadillac tire service

As with tread levels, drivers should always keep an eye on their tires' air pressure to make sure it hasn't run too low. Tires with air pressure far beneath recommended levels are at greater risk of a blowout, which can be very dangerous, especially if you are traveling at higher speeds.

Sidewall Condition

This is one of the more obscure areas of tire care that most people might not have heard of, but it is actually very important to check on a regular basis, as damage to your sidewalls could indicate potential tire failure. If you find that your sidewalls are damaged in any way, you should bring your car in immediately. Examples of sidewall damage include bubbles, bulges and cuts.


Cadillac drivers should come in for regular tire rotations and alignments near Dallas every several thousand miles, depending on what is recommended in your owner's manual. This will ensure that your tires, and your car as well, continue to drive properly. What are the symptoms of tire misalignment you might ask? Unusual vibrations in your car or the steering wheel or any strong pulling to one side or another when you let go of the wheel are indicators to look out for.

Is There a Reasonably Priced Tire Shop Near Me in Frisco?

Why yes there is! Crest Cadillac is a leading dealership in the Frisco and Dallas areas, offering top-notch service and customer care that our neighbors have grown to love. Our certified service mechanics can help diagnose and repair your car no matter its age, make or model. Simply stop by, and we'll make sure that your car is running safely and efficiently.

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