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What is the Cadillac Escalade Maintenance Schedule?

As the proud owner of a Cadillac Escalade, you want to do all that you can to ensure your car has a long and healthy life. One of the best ways to care for your vehicle is by following the Cadillac Escalade maintenance schedule prescribed in the owner's manual. The owner's manual contains recommended Cadillac Escalade service intervals that start at 15,000 miles. From there, you'll need to take your car in for service about every 15,000 miles or so until the car hits 90,000 miles. Service may also continue from there. Regardless of the car's age, don't hesitate to contact us for an appointment.

15,000-Mile Service

Your car will first need to have service when it reaches 15,000 miles. This is a light service interval for the Cadillac Escalade, but it is nonetheless important. At 15,000 miles, your Escalade will need to have an engine oil change. This may be its second oil change based on your model year and trim level. The Cadillac Escalade needs to have the tires rotated as well. A mechanic will look at the tread level and wear patterns, too. The tires will be balanced if necessary for optimal vehicle performance. The cabin air filter should be changed for air quality.

30,000-Mile Service

The Cadillac Escalade will add on a few more items to its service checklist at 30,000 miles. At the second service interval, the Escalade will have the engine oil drained and replaced with clean oil. The cabin air filters get changed as well. A mechanic will look at other major parts of the car to check their condition, including the brake pads and brake rotors. The evaporative control system gets inspected, and the engine accessory drive belts are also inspected for fraying and damage.

60,000-Mile Service

The Cadillac Escalade is due for another service at 60,000 miles. The tires are checked for wear patterns and any tread abnormalities. They will be rotated and replaced if needed. The engine cooling system will be drained and refilled when the Escalade gets to 60,000 miles. The transmission fluid is also changed.

90,000-Mile Service

Your Cadillac Escalade will have its spark plugs replaced at 90,000 miles. The spark plug wires will also be replaced. A certified mechanic will drain and refill the brake fluid and transmission fluid. Your car will also have the engine accessory drive belts checked for damage, cracks, and fraying.

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