2023 Cadillac Escalade-V Exterior

What's New for the 2023 Cadillac Escalade-V?

The 2023 Escalade-V is the first full redesign of Cadillac's latest flagship SUV. Here are some things that set this model apart from previous years.

Available 3rd Row Seating

The new Escalade V is available with up to seven passenger seating, thanks to two rear-facing jump seats. It makes it the roomiest Cadillac ever. It's perfect for families or people who need lots of space for cargo.

New look, inside and out

Every one of the 2023 Escalade-V's model year updates is focused on giving it a state-of-the-art feel. For example, the grille has been completely redesigned with sharp, angular lines for a more muscular appearance.

2023 Cadillac Escalade-V Trims & Features

The 2023 Escalade-V is available in four trims: Standard, Preferred, Premier and Platinum. All include these key features:

  • Intuitive Touch Screen

    Reach out and touch the display when you want to adjust the sound system or check your fuel levels. The screen surfaces are coated with a special polymer that lets you use your fingers.

  • Passive Rear-Seat Entertainment System

    No need to keep the kids quiet while stuck in traffic. The 2023 Escalade V's new rear-seat entertainment system has two tablet devices preloaded with games, music, and videos. These are mounted on a joint arm that extends out of the headrests, giving them easy access to your kids.

2023 Cadillac Escalade-V Interior

2023 Cadillac Escalade-V Horsepower

With a hand-built 6.2L supercharged V8 engine, the 2023 Cadillac Escalade-V produces a peak horsepower of 682. A large 653 lb.-ft. of torque helps Escalade-V easily accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in under 4.4 seconds. At the country club and on the road, your 2023 Escalade-V is sure to attract attention like never before.

2023 Cadillac Escalade-V Safety

Every Escalade V comes standard with six airbags, the latest collision avoidance technology, and an anti-theft system. In addition, advanced safety features such as blind-spot monitoring are available on the Preferred and Premier trims.

The 2023 Escalade-V comes standard with something that every Cadillac should have:

  • Pre-Collision Assist with Front Automatic Braking alerts the driver if it detects an imminent collision and automatically applies the brakes. This feature is becoming more common in high-end vehicles but isn't available on many other brands.
  • The 2023 Escalade-V's dynamic steering adjusts like a conventional system when you're usually driving but automatically goes into the full lock position when you need to make an emergency turn. Other safety features include last-second automatic braking, a 360-degree camera system, and automatic collision recognition. It also comes standard with front and rear parking sensors.

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