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Being in tune with your vehicle will allow you to notice when something is amiss. Shaking is something that many automobile owners complain about when they contact our service department at Crest Cadillac. While this can be a concerning issue, we can usually determine the cause of the shaking in a short amount of time. We know exactly where to look when it comes to the most common repairs on your vehicle. Let us share some of this information with you in this article.

Engine Inspections

Shaking can take place from a few different portions of your engine. Spark plugs are the most common cause, and we can quickly change them out if we determine it's time for their replacement. This naturally occurs around the 90,000-mile point, but other issues with your engine can cause your spark plugs to become damaged sooner. An air filter is also something that can cause shaking if it is clogged or very dirty. Having optimal airflow through your engine can make a big difference.

Checking Your Brakes

You use your brakes for safety, but you may not realize how perfectly they need to work to keep you safe. When shaking or vibrations occur while pressing down on your brake pedal, low pads or damaged pads could be the culprit. Aim to have them replaced around 50,000 miles.

Your Automobile's Wheels

The wheels you have can contribute to how smooth a ride you experience when behind the wheel, but damage to your wheels can cause shaking to occur. Let us check your ball joints, tie rod ends, and bearings to see if there's anything malfunctioning. You don't want to wait to have your wheels inspected. Driving around with any damage can cause irreversible harm to your wheels.

Axle Damage

Have you recently run over something in the road, and that was the start of your shaking? You may have experienced damage to your axles and CV joints. These axles are on the front and back of your vehicle so that they can become damaged independently or simultaneously.

Service to Your Tires

Most new vehicles from Crest Cadillac come with tire pressure monitoring systems that alert you when your pressure is too low or high, but we also recommend that you check your tires on your own to ensure that they have the right amount of air in them. We can also take a look to see if they are aligned and balanced correctly so there isn't any shaking that should be taking place.

If you have concerns regarding shaking in your vehicle, contact Crest Cadillac for more information. We can set up an appointment for your car to be thoroughly inspected and repaired as needed by one of our extremely experienced service technicians.


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