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You can often prevent your engine from overheating by scheduling routine inspections and maintenance for your vehicle at Crest Cadillac. Still, there may be a time between those appointments when you notice that your automobile just isn't functioning how it should be. If your engine's temperature is creeping upwards, our service department encourages you to call us as soon as possible. We'll check the following areas of your vehicle to see if anything needs to be repaired.

Your Cooling System

Because your cooling system is designed to keep your engine cool, this is one of the first parts of your automobile that we'll look at if you notice signs of an overheating engine. This is a pretty complex area of a car, so it typically takes a knowledgeable professional to figure out what's going on. All it takes is a small crack in a connection or pipe to throw the coolant level off balance.

Water Pump Leaks and Damage

There is a water pump in your engine that works with your cooling system to cool your engine. We see a lot of water pump issues because of leaks and damage that occur over time. You probably wouldn't see this issue coming unless you were a professional and regularly inspecting your vehicle.

Radiator Concerns

Your radiator is a critical component of your cooling system, along with a series of fans that keep your engine operating at a low temperature. Your engine relies on this system to prevent overheating from occurring.

Failure of Your Thermostat

We've seen a lot of thermostats with their valves stuck open. This situation doesn't allow for coolant to get into the radiator where it needs to be. This is an affordable fix, and you'll be able to prevent your engine from overheating again.

Damage to Your Hoses and Belts

You may have damage to your engine hoses and belts, but one of them may have slipped loose and needs to be put back on. This is another part of an automobile that can affect the amount of coolant going through your engine. You could also be putting unwanted stress on your engine that could lead to permanent damage.

Crest Cadillac wants to make sure that your engine isn't overheating. We want to ensure that your vehicle isn't going to be damaged further by your engine's internal temperature not being where it should be. Give us a call if you are in the Frisco area and notice that your engine temperature isn't in the appropriate range.


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