Cadillac Engine Not Working

Why Is My Car Not Starting?

Major headaches can arise when you jump in the car one day, only to find that it's not going anywhere. From simple to severe, there are a variety of possible causes for your car to stop working. Your vehicle may be out of gas, have a dead battery, or have a more serious issue with the engine that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. A skilled mechanic can find and fix the problem to help you get back out on the road.

Faulty Ignition

The ignition is one possible explanation for your car to stop working. The ignition ultimately prompts the engine to start firing, which then makes the car run. A problem with the ignition can mimic an issue with the battery, so you may want to check the battery first to make sure it is not the underlying problem.

Dead Battery

Another common cause for your car to stop working is a dead battery. In most cases, your car's battery will last about 60,000 miles (about three to five years). Driving in hot or cold temperatures can put stress on the battery, which then shortens its lifespan. In severe cases, your battery may only last a year or two if your vehicle is subject to driving in extreme temperatures.

Empty Fuel Tank

An empty fuel tank is a fairly common explanation for your car to stop functioning. If you accidentally run out of fuel, you may be able to contact roadside assistance to have the fuel tank refilled. If you know that you recently filled the car with fuel but the fuel gauge is still reading "Empty," you should schedule an appointment with a mechanic to have the car's fuel system checked, as the fuel gauge may be broken.

Bad Starter

The starter is a small electric motor in the engine directly connected to the car's battery. If the starter breaks, your engine won't start. A key sign that this is the problem you are encountering is if you notice that nothing happens when you turn the key in the ignition. You may also notice that the engine does not crank or sound like it is making an effort to start. A mechanic can replace the starter easily to restore your car to prime working condition.

Clogged Fuel Filter

A clogged engine fuel filter can interfere with your vehicle's operations. The fuel filter needs to be checked and cleaned periodically by a mechanic to ensure it is clear and allows clean air to reach the engine. The engine fuel filter will also need to be replaced eventually.

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