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How Often Should I Service My Cadillac CT5?

Owners buy luxury sedans like the Cadillac CT5 with higher standards. Just like the CT5 was made with great attention to detail and quality, owners also hold those same standards in their lives. Cadillac CT5 service intervals matter to folks like Cadillac owners. And while every model and trim will have a service manual listing specifics, it's wise to have a basic idea of all important schedules. Our brief guide to the Cadillac CT5 maintenance schedule will give you a starting place for your beloved car.

15,000-Mile Service

Your young CT5 hasn't been out in the world for long, but it's still going to need regular maintenance. Oil changes, windshield wiper replacement, and brake system inspections are still par for the course. Starting your maintenance early will give your young thoroughbred a good start in life. Our auto mechanics will also check essential components like your accelerator pedal and starter switch while performing basic maintenance.

30,000-Mile Service

Your car is growing up now. Our certified auto technicians will perform services like battery checks, brake fluid flushes, and front-end alignment checks to celebrate its milestone. Fuel injector services are sometimes requested as well and can give a boost to your still young vehicle's performance.

60,000-Mile Service

By 60,000 miles, your CT5 has been around the block and back again. It will very likely need spark plug replacement and a thorough check of its spark plug wires. This is the time we also take to check front and rear differentials. Previous services will also be repeated (such as oil changes and wiper blade replacement). Cars at this mileage still run like brand new when they're properly maintained, so don't forget your car at this critical time.

90,000-Mile Service

Your car isn't old at 90,000 miles, but to keep running like it's young, it will need strict Cadillac CT5 service intervals. You'll want to add a few more to your regular maintenance, including brake cleaning, adjustment, repair, and then engine air filter replacement and passenger compartment replacement.

Crest Cadillac wants your Cadillac CT5 to drive like a young sedan all its life. Read up on your service manual to get specific service schedules or contact us to learn more about these very vital services. Your CT5 will thank you for it by remaining spry for well over 90,000 miles and beyond.


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