When Does Cadillac Plan To Be All Electric?  

In 2021, Cadillac released information about their Lyriq crossover. The Lyriq is an all-electric vehicle that was the beginning of Cadillac's change over to an all-electric future. According to global VP Rory Harvey, Cadillac will be transitioned over completely by the year 2030. This is a similar time frame as many other brands that have recently announced the details of their all-electric futures. GM is going to transition by 2035.

Cadillac recently redesigned their popular Escalade SUV model, which is the last investment that will be made to internal combustion engine vehicles. Moving forward, Cadillac will be investing their time and money in an eco-friendlier future. There will be about 30 new electric Cadillac models offered by 2025. Cadillac is investing $27 billion in the venture. The Lyriq is just the beginning of this change in automobile manufacture, which will use a battery system called Ultium for its power source.

Cadillac is keeping their electric lineup simple for the time being. The Lyriq is only being offered with one trim level to begin with. If you would like more information, reach out to us here at Crest Cadillac. We would be happy to help you choose an efficient vehicle that won't break the budget. Stop by our Frisco location for assistance.