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Frisco SAGE Overview

Frisco Sage provides for multiple special needs families in the community. Family support is what they're all about. As a non-profit, they have a wide breadth to advocate for the people they help and ensure that they have the resources they need to fit into the community and enjoy life. They consider themselves an all-inclusive charity for people with all different special needs, whether it's physical or intellectual special needs. They help both children and young adults transitioning into a time of life where more will be expected of them.

What Frisco SAGE Does

Their mission statement gleans much information about their programs. It merely states that "our mission is to provide resources and support to children, young adults, families, and school staff who are associated with students who receive specialized educational services." They point out that recreational needs are critical, too, which means special needs children don't just need healthcare and quality food; they also need time to have fun and be kids.

Structuring their services around the education framework, they can reach out to schools in the area and find those children and young adults who need them. There is a comprehensive framework that they develop to address any problems that might come up in the lives of those they help. They provide for:

  • Therapy
  • Camps
  • Educational Support
  • Training
  • Medical Needs
  • Day Programs

Some issues can be addressed with just therapies. Others need more intensive programs, such as day programs for special needs young adults who need to transition to adulthood with a sturdy, helping hand guiding them along the way. Frisco SAGE finds the resources for people and their families, and they provide numerous ways to get encouragement along the way. One of the most effective methods for people to tackle issues is developing a strong support network. Frisco Sage provides that network of people who are always there to help when it's needed. By helping you meet other people who are tackling the same issues, they provide enormous comfort.

Learn More Here

You can learn more about Frisco Sage by visiting their website. You'll find many helpful resources on there and contact information if you're interested in obtaining help from them.

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