Some new Cadillacs come with an exciting new feature called Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning. Here we will explain how this system works and how to use it.

How Lane Keep Assist Helps

Lane Keep Assist is made possible by a camera sensor that is mounted behind the windshield in front of the rear-view mirror. The camera is able to detect lane lines on the road ahead. The system operates when your vehicle is moving faster than 37 miles per hour. The sensor is able to detect when your vehicle drifts to the right or left within the lane.

When there are lane markings to the left or right of the vehicle, you will see a green icon of a car between two lane lines. If your car drifts near a lane line without signaling, the icon will turn yellow. The system will also adjust the steering wheel to help keep the vehicle within the lane. If your vehicle drifts into another lane unintentionally, the yellow icon will begin flashing, and it might emit beeping sounds to alert you. Some vehicles also send pulsing sensations through the driver seat on the side that the vehicle is drifting.

How Do You Start Lane Keep Assist?

The Lane Keep Assist button is either on the center of the dashboard or on the right of the touchscreen. To turn the feature on, press the button once. To override the feature, move the steering wheel in the desired direction to steer back into your lane or change lanes. It is not necessary to exaggerate your steering motions. To turn off the system, press the Lane Keep Assist button once.

Be Aware of Safety Considerations

It should be noted that, although this system is able to monitor and control some aspects of driving, it is no substitute for alert and responsible driving. The feature might not work adequately on severely winding or hilly roads. The system is not able to warn of impending collisions or detect road edges. Poor weather and visibility can impede the sensors ability to detect lane markings. The automatic steering motions might not be enough to prevent an unintentional lane change.

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